• We will work with you (virtually or by email) to make sure you have the right strategy for your job search.
  • Our team has worked for and with the largest companies in the world. We have collectively hired, managed, and placed tens of thousands of employees and understand what is required to be successful.
  • After your purchase: We will also send a form that allows us to understand more about you and your goals.
  • After submitting the form: You will receive an email that allows you to select a two week email back and forth* or a 60 minute chat.
  • Chat: Our expert team will walk you through what your job search strategy should include and what to avoid.
  • Readiness Plan: After our chat or email exchange, we will send you a job search readiness plan that summarizes the strategies we discussed
  • Resume Writing/Interview Readiness/Apply to Jobs: Please check out our career bundle packages and other individual packages if you want additional help landing your next dream job
  • *Please note the email option includes the ability to ask one question every 24 hours for two weeks
  • As a courtesy, we will include a free subscription to a mental wellness app because your mental health is critical to your future success, a $150 value

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